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Gateway Co-operative Credit Union Limited, 6 Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica, St. James
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Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Limited

Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Limited is something old, but something new. The new companywas formed from the merger of Montego and Hanover Co-operative Credit Unions on January 3, 2017.

Montego Bay Co-operative Credit Union

The larger, more well known Montego Co-op Credit Union (Montego) began from its humble beginnings in 1969 – operating out of St. Paul’s church on a four-hour per week basis. The Montego Bay Credit Union itself grew from from the amalgamation of the St. James and St Paul’s Credit Unions. Montego was able to capitalize on each the strengths and weaknesses of both these small, struggling credit unions and to overcome their individual losses and weaknesses.

Hanover Co-op Credit Union

Hanover Co-op Credit Union is itself another story. It began with the vision of Mrs. Enid Watson Gonsalves during a discussion of the value of 10 cents, 20 cents and 25 cents by ten persons in December 1974. The aim was to start a savings club towards exchange of gifts for Christmas 1975.

Through progressive and forward thinking the group savings club was started where persons were saving 20 cents per week. The club practiced safety and soundness by investing the savings in a Financial Institution and kept their ledger and cash books. The United Church of Jamaica and Grand Cayman Church Hall was the meeting place for collection every Tuesday. So it could have been destiny for these two credit unions to merge as they both started with a United Church background.

As a single entity, Gateway is now the fourth-largest credit union in Jamaica, amassing membership of approximately 70,000 and total assets of $6.1 billion. Not only has the fusion of the two credit unions resulted in a single robust organization, Gateway has emerged with numerous benefits for the more than 70,000 persons who make up its membership, which span the county of Cornwall (Trelawny, St James, Hanover, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth).

Gateway Co-operative Credit Union (2017) Limited

After less than six (6) months into operation, Gateway achieved healthy growth in membership, savings and loans by providing better services to its members. The new credit union is empowering its members socially and financially through a wider range of products and services offerings more branches as well an increase in the use of technology to achieve better returns on their membership investment.

In Hanover, Gateway operates at its new state-of-the-art building on Main Street in Lucea, while in St. James it operates from two (2) locations, one at 6 Sam Sharpe Square and another at 20 Church Street in Montego Bay.

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