Introducing Direct Jamaica

Direct Jamaica is your Jamaica directory website for listing Jamaican businesses and organizations.

The aim of Direct Jamaica is to list all Jamaican businesess who want another avenue to promote their business online.

SEO Value of Direct Jamaica Listing

Direct Jamaica is operated by Yahjam Web Services SEO department. As SEO practictioners, we have decided to set up a portal for promoting our clients’ businesses.

By its very nature, we could not restrict a directory to only our clients. Therefore, we have made it available to all Jamaican businesses.

As SEO practicioners, over time we will strengthen Direct Jamaica to make it a formidable portal for ranking in search engines. It is our aim that your listing here should get stronger over time and so make our listings get high search engine rankings over time. SEO is our job, it is what we do.

Content Strategy

Again, as SEO practicioners, we have used content creation to great effect. It is an important part of our SEO strategy. We therefore bring that as a paid service to Direct Jamaica.

We will create SEO optimized content based on selected keywords. This will create articles about your business that is aimed at getting your business high visibility.

Free For a Limited Time

For starters, the directory will be free for a limited time until we have reached a satisfactory number of listings. We will then switch to a paid model which will most likely be a small one-time fee.

Add Your Listing

What are you waiting for? Add your listing to Direct Jamaica!




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